At Arun Villages Federation, we care for EVERYONE. We embrace challenges and all opportunities to learn, recognising the value of education and persevering even when it feels difficult.

We are uncompromising in our aspirations, proud of our - and each other's - achievements and look forward to embracing the experiences the wider world offers.


We encourage our children to reflect on their day. What have they learnt? How do they feel? What are they looking forward to? 

 Willow Class Blog 



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Welcome to Willow Class - Reception & Year 1 

Enabling every child to thrive and succeed.

Teamwork, Positivity, Honesty, Kindness, Respect

We are an Early Years and Year 1 class, ready to learn and curious about the people and world around us!

Please read below for more information about what we learn in Willow class.

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Code for 1 Minute maths: efs-nib-dan 

   Who teaches us? 

Willow Class Teacher: Mrs Westwood 

   Willow Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs Philpot

   Tuesday Willow Class Teacher: Mrs Hunt


What are we learning this term?

Please find attached the Spring Term Overview 2024


What does our classroom look like?



 Montgomerie Primary School - Year 1




















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