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We aim for every child to become a confident mathematician and to develop enthusiasm for and interest in numbers.  To support us with the teaching of mathematics in mixed-age classes, we have chosen Abacus Maths as our new scheme.  Following a four-week trial, feedback from the children was extremely positive. Below is an introduction to the scheme:


What is Abacus Maths? 

Three key principles:  

Understanding - that children need a robust understanding and secure foundation in maths to develop: 

  • conceptual understanding 
  • numerical fluency 
  • problem-solving skills 
  • mathematical confidence. 

 Progression - to ensure every child can move on, Abacus is built on a series of detailed progression ladders. These form the backbone to Abacus. 

 Control - We never forget that teachers are the experts when it comes to knowing their class. So we've built Abacus to give you flexibility - offering structure when you want it, and freedom when you choose it. 

 Abacus Maths covers key mathematical topics each half-term in all areas of Maths and regularly re-visits key concepts, so they become fully learnt, embedded and remembered by children in every year group. 


Abacus can be found here: 



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