eSafety information

Click to view a really useful document about esafety. - This is a really good start if you are looking for information on esafety.

Here are some links  which will help you  keep your child safe while on the internet, mobile phone etc.

We hope you find them useful links

Parents guidance for e-safety


  • Install sofware to protect your computer's security and block SPAM
  • Set up search filters on your computer:
  • Know what your children are doing online and who they are talking to.
  • For younger children use a child friendly serch engine: CBBCsearch, askjeevesforkids, yahooligans
  • Keep the computer in a family room or visible
  • Share their online experiences
  • Help them understand why they should never give out their personal details or photos to online friends.
  • Remind them that if they publish a photo or video online any one can change it or share it.
  • Stress the SMART rules and what to do if something makes them feel uncomfortable.

Links to esafety information:

Knowing where to report

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